Bio & FAQ

Dantalion Jones

(pronounced dan-TAL-lee-un)


Dantalion Jones is a writer, lecturer and researcher in the field of influence, persuasion, hypnosis, NLP and mind control.  His books,

At A Hypnosis Training. Hypnotist Jeff Stephens (L), Dantalion Jones (R)

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Dantalion Jones FAQ

Q: Why don’t you show an image of yourself?
A:  A few reasons, none of them that important. For one I’d rather prove my worth from my work than from showing people my face. Another reason is to maintain a sense of mystery. It’s not like you can’t find my face somewhere on the net or figure out more about me.  Anything I can do to instill some sense of curiosity and continued interest is important.

Q: What is your next project?
A: I can assure you it’s something interesting. Just stay tuned. There a LOT more opportunities popping up to do group instructions and workshops.

Q: Are you doing any workshops or lectures?

A: Yes, but rarely. I do only “closed” workshops, meaning only with people who are sincere about learning my techniques. If you don’t want what I have I won’t spend a lot of time convincing you to listen. As a result these workshops are small and intense… and rare. Most of them you won’t find out about on the net. I’ve got a few seminars already scheduled. Click here to learn more.

I am also planning on offering a training that will create an photographic (eidetic) memory in anyone. It’s still a few years out but it’s definitely in my Grand Plan.

I’m doing several hypnosis trainings a year with my co-trainer Jeffry Stephens.

Just recently I’ve been asked to teach persuasion, influence and mind control to students of world famous hypnotist Marshall Sylver.

Q: Okay, so what if I want to attend one of the “closed” workshops? What do I do.
A: Join my mailing list (below) and wait. When I have a whim to do a workshop I *WILL* let you know. When you join the list you’ll also get a free report on how scammers use mind control to take your money.


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Q: No, really, I want to attend one of your workshops. What more can I do?

Here I am teaching mind control at Marshall Sylver's Irresistible Influence Training in Las Vegas, NV.

Here I am teaching mind control at Marshall Sylver’s Irresistible Influence Training in Las Vegas, NV.

A: Aside from joining my mailing list you can help me organize my next few trainings. I would need someone on the ground to help. 

Maybe you could arrange a book signing in your area. Book signings are a way to introduce my work in a seminar or workshop. A nice, open minded, independent book store can help promote a book signing and workshop and that way everyone can benefit. If you know a great book store like that you could mention my name.

Weird Funny And True FAQ about Dantalion Jones

Q: How do you want to die?
A: Unknown to everyone except my closest family. My family will know my secrets and keep them for me.

Q: Why do you always wear black?
A: It makes me feel pretty and it is the color of the unknown.