Beliefs and Delusions

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Fry-of-Futurama-philip-j-fry-9424597-352-458[1]“Thanks to denial I’m going to live forever!” – Philip J. Fry, ‘Futurama’

Perhaps the difference between beliefs and delusions is a matter of functionality.

I’ve known a few people who have beliefs/delusion that make them totally dysfunctional when trying to live in “consensual reality”. On the other hand I know of some beliefs that seem ridiculous when looking at the world objectively but make life fun, easier and more enjoyable.

So I think it’s time we start to look as some of those ridiculous beliefs/delusions and take them for our own.

Some Really Good Delusions:

“I am loved, loving and beloved.” 

Let’s just assume you are single, alone and no prospects of ever finding a mate. In fact, let’s assume the worst, that you are disfigured, diseased and broke.  Would having the belief  “I am loved, loving and beloved.”  improve the quality of your life?

You bet it would.  This belief /delusion would be stronger than other peoples first impression of your situation.

“The Universe actively loves and supports me.”

Objectively I would say the universe is largely indifferent to me but with this delusion my mind filters a lot of really good useful things my way.  I am likely to take more risks with this delusion which means more successes and more “failures” but I can see those failures more as lessons to learn from. Why? Because the universe supports me and wants me to learn them.

“I have a purpose.”

It could be argued that we are nothing more than biology created by chemistry and a haphazard condition of nature.  But if we believe we have a purpose there is no randomness to our decisions. Even the BS that life throws our way can be filtered through this delusion of purposefulness.

When crap happens to people with a purpose they say “Hmmm… everything happens for a reason. This will be interesting.”  then they  adjust to circumstances and set about toward their purpose.

“Something wonderful is about to happen.”

I really like this delusion because it totally focuses the mind on two things: the present moment and wonderful things.

The funny thing is that when you embrace this delusion you begin to notice a LOT of wonderful things! 

The following is a delusion that I like but I know some people would want to ship me to the loony bin if I began to openly proclaim it.  I also know that it goes contrary to a lot of people religious beliefs. Here goes:

“I am god trapped in a mortal, human body.” 

This delusion has to be accepted with some care and humility to not afflict the user with dysfunctional megalomania.  For me this delusion came from an Indian story of  the god Rama who decided to find out what it was like to be a pig.  He became a pig doing all is piggy things, rutting, mating, wallowing, eating, shitting, fighting. He got so absorbed in being a pig he forgot he was the god Rama.  It shocked the other gods so much they sent one one of them down to Rama and kill the pig. From the dead pig rose Rama laughing saying “Thank you! Now I know what it’s like to be a pig!”

I like to assume that maybe while I’m getting so involved in all my humany things like bills, business and family disagreements I’m probably forgetting that there is a god in me really having fun with all this crazy ridiculousness.


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