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One thing I love to point out (and it sometimes annoys people) is beliefs are NOT true.
A belief may have a few facts that make it up but it is not a fact in itself.
Belief: The world supports my needs.
Fact: There is usually enough air for me to breathe and stay alive.
A belief is a generalization about the world.
Belief: The universe loves me.
Fact: I have no idea how the universe thinks of me and is likely completely indifferent to my existence.
A belief is just a very simplified filter through which we see our reality.
Belief: Santa Clause gives me presents for Christmas.
Fact: On Christmas morning there are presents under the Christmas tree and I’m told they are from Santa Clause.
Beliefs make life simpler.
Belief: The government wants to control (or protect) us.
Fact: The government is a complex system of people and organizations each working to achieve their individual outcomes with an overarching goal to maintain the system and the people within it. This dynamic system will change depending on variables such as external threats, political conflicts inside and outside of the system, economic concerns and more. Each change within the system will have varying effects on the individual parts of the system.
Beliefs are very useful and we can’t live without them but they have their limitations.
Beliefs keep us from having to think too hard. Sorry about that.
I know a few people who exhibit intense pain and anger when they are forced to examine their beliefs.
All the better to choose your beliefs wisely.

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