“Confessions of A Sociopath”

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Large ImageI recently read the book “Confessions of  A Sociopath” by M.E. Thomas and it gave me some HUGE insights about influence and persuasion.

Let me take all the good and bad out of the word “sociopath” for a moment and try to explain their difference.

The author describes her life knowing that she was strangely different from other people. Others would describe and expect certain reactions from her based on emotional responses, these were emotions like fear, guilt, shame and remorse.  While she understood them as concepts she could not sincerely feel them.  It was like color blindness for a person who doesn’t know what “green” is.

To compensate she began to watch and figure out what people responded to and how she could adjust her actions very quickly to get the needed response. This became very valuable to getting things and because she had no innate moral compass she began to measure her world in terms of power that she could accumulate.

People were thus more tools than anything else and her sincere curiosity was to find out through intuition, conversation and sometimes shear guile the hopes, dreams and fears of the people around her.

THAT was the part that interested me the most.

If you want to influence someone you can start by assuming they are a compilations of hopes and fears.  When you find out their hopes you can promise to fulfill them. When you discover their fears you can be instrumental in protecting them … all as long as they agree to your terms.

Now imagine a person who has practiced this from birth. They have become so skilled at intuiting and educing anyone’s deepest motivation that it is almost second nature.  They know how to begin every interaction so they are the perfect blank slate on which people can project their trust.

As an author on books about “mind control” it is a level of influence and proficiency I deeply admire.

Aside from admiration  “Confessions of  A Sociopath”  evoked also fear, and a morbid sense of curiosity proving I’m not a sociopath (as far as you know).

If you’re interested I can see if M.E. Thomas would agree to an interview with me. If so, I’ll let you know and I’ll ask you to submit questions to ask.

Dantalion Jones

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