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The whole idea of “secrets” is a good place to start.

Remember this simple axiom: “People want to know what is hidden from them and people want to know what they are told they shouldn’t know.”

Seriously, if someone just said something innocuous and followed it by saying “Oh, you weren’t supposed to hear that.” all of a sudden the little piece of information takes on some value.

Have you ever been asked a questions and then said nothing? The silence of not answering gives you power because there is an assumed secret. The longer you remain silent the more value the secret has.  What would happen if you simple smiled and said nothing at all or you brought a silent finger to your finger to your lips to imply a secret?

How about occasionally prefacing a statement by very cautiously whispering “Please, I’m telling you this in confidence but….”

A common ploy in sales letters is to use simple words like “forbidden”, “outlawed”, “underground” and “covert”, just to name a few.

The REAL secret is to never directly say you have a secret but instead to have people assume that you do.


Because “People may believe what you tell them but the never doubt what they assume.”

Thus the real art of mind control isn’t knowing secrets but making sure people believe you know secrets.

I think I can safely disclose this interesting discovery: most of the “secrets” you’ll learn about “mind control” cannot easily be learned by instruction. Instead they need to be discovered through experience.

That means I can tell you “the power of secrets” but you’ll never value those secrets until you use them and discover the power yourself.

For example, if you showed a new magic trick to your friends they will probably ask you “How did you do that?”.  There is a huge pressure to reveal the secret because in that moment they are giving you ALL their attention. If you reveal how the trick was done they will be satisfied and move on. By keeping them curious all the time, they will look at you differently than other people.

They might think of you as weird, mysterious, sexy or just plain frightening but by making you different from others they will remember you.

The real “secret” of mind control is in how to manage peoples assumptions about you, your ability and even the world. Because assumptions are seldom spoken you can only deduce what others are assuming by observing their behaviors over time. So, the qualities of attentiveness and patience take on greater value.

We humans are terribly short sighted and impatient so developing the qualities of attentiveness and patience require a commodity we often feel we lack: Time.

The solution is pretend as if you already have the qualities of attentiveness and patience. But again, don’t say it directly. Instead imply it through your actions.

More on this soon….

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