Saying Something True Without Thinking Isn’t Thinking Very Much

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The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book “Motivational Imperative”.

To give you some back story a Motivational Imperative is a central theme that is used to motivate a person throughout their life.

Having decided on your Motivational Imperative, it’s up to you to decide how, and how much you will put it into your life.

I’ve mentioned you can go as far as creating an alter to your MI. Now I’d like to present you with something that you use all the time but you probably don’t give it a lot of thought: your speech.

For most of us speech becomes something we quickly master. We master words, expression and eventually we can use our speech to express beautifully abstract concepts. It becomes a faculty that we can use without much thought and discrimination.

I suspect you have heard someone say something that was hurtful and cruel and they would defend what they say with “I only say it because it’s true” or “I say what’s on my mind”. It may be true, indeed, but they said it probably as a reaction to protect their ego. They were not likely thinking of their Motivational Imperative.

We humans distinguish ourselves above other species because of our ability to speak and think in abstract concepts but consider this: Saying something true without thinking isn’t thinking very much.

This is the reason some monks take vows of silence, so that they can give full thought to their spiritual convictions.

I am not suggesting you take a vow of silence. That would probably be impractical and too extreme for most people.

What I am suggesting is to consider your Motivational Imperative as you speak. I wouldn’t expect perfection, that every word, syllable and tone rings with your Motivational Imperative. That would be asking too much. Just be mindful that saying something true without thinking isn’t thinking very much.

Give some thought to what you say. Will it contribute in any way to fulfilling your Motivational Imperative? Are you saying it because you are angry? Will it help anyone to hear what you say?

When you do this you’ll have times when people say to you the most outrageous and provocative things but by saying nothing you accomplish much more than arguing with them. It will not be about “biting your tongue” but doing what is best in the long run.

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