Thinking: The least important of Gods gifts

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This is NOT an attack on anyone’s spiritual or political beliefs. It is not meant to offend.


Keep Reading…. if you dare. 

Found this on and it elegantly describes the mind control of the

masses, in this case coming from the far end of the conservative right.

Remove all the conspiracy and you see the formula: give the simplest answer to complex question.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

“(T)here are simple reasons for (our) current miseries—inevitably, it is a combination of a secret cabal of elite conspirators running society like a puppet show at the top, crushing the middle-class working man from above, while a parasitic underclass saps his strength from below. This usually plays out … as being part of a secret conspiracy to enslave ordinary working people and destroy America.”

Let us remember that complex, abstract thinking is one of the most recent products of our evolution. If you’re a creationist I would say it’s the last and least important of God’s gifts to us. In short, abstract thinking is harder to do than knee-jerk defensiveness.

When you combine a little fear with paternalistic authority soon it becomes a meme within the (sub)culture.

It can be applied to about anything to get a mass market appeal. Example, Dr. Phil made fame and money providing simple answers to peoples complex questions.

This leads me to a controversial thought, I hear much of religious right talk about having faith in the midst of doubt. Some will even say it directly: you must only follow your faith in spite of your ability to think rationally and that your thinking is a product of Evil.

The unspoken message is don’t think, it is best to be like an obedient animal than a thinking human.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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