What if you worshiped the future?

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I was thinking about worship and how various religions ask us to direct our worship.

Depending on your brand of Christianity your prayers may vary:

  • For some you are to humble yourself to God and beg that he/she hears you
  • For others you are not to ask anything really just to be a good servant
  • You can pray to accept the suffering God throws at you without explanation.
  • Or you can pray to maintain the “entitlements” that your are given for being one of the faithful.

I suppose there are others.

Shinto religion give prayers to dead ancestors.

Buddhist sects vary too with some seeing deities as manifestations of consciousness.

So I just thought, what if we prayed to our FUTURE generations?  I don’t think there is a religion who does that yet.

The short version would go something like this:

“I pray to the future generations that I may be worthy of being their ancestor.”

So, my question is how would that type of prayer affect you?

I’d love to know.



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