What to say with they ask “Will the hypnosis last?”

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I occasionally have had a very successful hypnosis session, the client is happy but they wonder if it’s going to last.  They may respond with a similar concern by saying “Sure. Right now I won’t want a cigarette. But I don’t know about later.”


When a client says things like the first thing that comes to mind is certain people need to have a consistent experience over a period of time to know that “hypnosis works”.



They need to future pace their success.



This is usually solved by first asking “What I’m guessing you’re saying is that you need to experience this success for a while to know that it works, right? How long do you feel it would take for you to KNOW it’s permanent? One, two or three days? A week? What does your gut tell you?”



Regardless of what they say I agree with them 100%.  I then have them mentally rehearse living that amount of time (and more) with their success.  The instructions I give to them are to feel the successful feeling they feel right now and IN VIVID DETAIL imagine living this day, the next and next, etc. with that feeling already a natural part of their experience. I’ll often tell them “… and notice how that feeling is already there waiting for you. It feels good. Yes?”



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